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School excellence framework

The School Excellence Framework supports all NSW public schools in their pursuit of excellence by providing a clear description of the key elements of high-quality practice across the three domains of learning, teaching and leading.

What an empowering start to 2015 with the launch of the School Excellence Framework to support school communities as they provide high quality educational opportunities for all students.  The framework, published by Public Schools NSW, identifies 14 key elements that guide the core business of excellent schools:


  • Learning culture
  • Wellbeing
  • Curriculum and learning
  • Assessment and reporting
  • Student performance measures


  • Effective classroom practice
  • Data skills and use
  • Collaborative practice
  • Learning and development
  • Professional standards


  • Leadership
  • School planning,  implementation and reporting
  • School resources
  • Management practices and processes

The School Excellence Framework sits very well with Black Springs Public School's philosophy of every child, every opportunity.  The framework is about focusing on individual student's capabilities and needs by engaging them in rich learning experiences.  This in turn facilitates the consistent improvement of student outcomes and the narrowing of achievement gaps between students.

The framework guides quality learning and teaching in a  number of ways.  For example, it beckons schools to use assessment and data to show growth and improvement in teaching and learning.  This includes using assessment and data to determine whole school, class and  individual teaching directions, performance levels and effectiveness.

At Black Springs Public School the framework means  using the literacy and numeracy continuum to track student progress from K-6.  It also means deeply analysing NAPLAN and report card data and making improvements to the current reading comprehension benchmark system.

The framework also guides quality leading.  For example, it expects all staff to have purposeful leadership roles based on their expertise.  It calls teachers to drive whole school improvement and excellence by sharing with the school community innovative teaching practices and understandings of highly effective pedagogy.

At Black Springs Public School the framework means teachers developing personal knowledge and understanding in a particular area with the aim of leading learning and teaching across the school.  Whole School learning initiatives to be championed by lead teachers include Rich Text Time, Maths Power, Philosophy and Computer Coding.

All parents want the very best for their children.  In education this means an outstanding school that shares the responsibility for the success of every student.  For Black Springs Public School, the School Excellence Framework provides clear descriptions against which this can be achieved.

The framework is about creating a whole school culture of quality teaching that fully develops the talents and capacities of all students.  It is about an education delivered by teachers who are distinguished by outstanding teaching practices and pedagogy.

Black Springs Public School is serious about best practice in education and being accountable to our parent community for measurable growth and performance.  It is serious about meeting the expectations of the School Excellence Framework.