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Best start

Best start Kindergarten assessment

Children come to school with different levels of literacy and numeracy.  Some are familiar with books, can recognise some letters, even write their name or count to ten, while others  have not yet learned these skills.

All Kindergarten children will take part in Best Start which gives our teachers, and those teaching Kindergarten across New south Wales, a common set of high quality assessment tools and professional training.  We believe that Best Start will build on the strengths of our teachers and give your child an even better start to school.

It is very important to emphasise that Best Start Kindergarten Assessment is not a test.  Its purpose is to help the teacher gather information to guide the teaching of your child.  The teacher will observe each child and use task, such as talking about a book that has been read, and record what their students know and can do.  The teaching of your child will be based on the information gathered in these ways.

The teacher will look at our child's early reading and writing, their ability to communicate with others and how they recognise and work with numbers, groups and patterns.

You'll receive feedback about what your child's teacher has learned about our child, which you are welcome to discuss, if you wish, in keeping with our usual practice.